• Got no gnome to go to? Then you've come to the right place -  a site all about garden gnomes. There's something special about the humble gnome, they're not just interesting garden ornaments or garden ideas, some folk believe they help protect the home and garden by warding off evil spirits. Here at the GGH we aim to let you know whatever we can about garden gnomes UK and worldwide but if you know of something interesting happening in the world of gnomes, garden design ideas or even things like gardening gifts, then please let us know.

  • What is so wonderful about the many types of are gnomes for sale is that they come in so many different styles and sizes, are great fun, and make for wonderful garden gifts and ideas for the smaller garden. There are large garden gnomes standing nearly 2 foot high with large axes to scare away intruders or rude gnomes with signs telling people to go away. You can buy cheap garden gnomes made of plastic, traditional ones made out of clay, ultra cool modern gnomes or even novelty ones dressed in your favourite football teams attire.

  • One of the most popular we've seen is the fishing gnome but even more popular are rude garden gnomes that express the British sense of humour. You can buy moulds to make your own or even buy ready-made kits so you can paint your own personalised gnome with your favourite colours. There are gnome costumes available for fancy dress or halloween and solar powered gnomes that light up at night. We've seen some lovely water features with gnomes that would add character and whimsy to any garden so be sure to look out for those.

  • Garden statues and ornaments have always been used to add interest or curiosity to our gardens and here at the GGH we know that people love having gnomes as part of their garden decor. Whether you keep them in the home and garden yourself or give them as gifts to make people smile, we're sure garden gnomes will be popular lawn ornaments in the UK as long as people have gardens.

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Welcome Gnome

Winter is here and soon enough we'll be shovelling snow again but fear not because garden gnomes are well known for being the gardeners friend and helping out where they can, even bringing their own gardening tools with them. The little earth dwellers move at their own relaxed pace preferring to work at night time when they can be undisturbed to work their gentle magic, which might explain why they appear not to move at all during the day... they turn solid when they're exhausted!

Garden gnomes have been part of our heritage since the 1840's when Sir Charles Edmund Isham started the trend by bringing them over from Germany and adding them to his home and garden. Antique gnomes such as 'Lampy' are considered an investment and are insured for more than just a pretty penny.

Since Sir Isham's time they have become very popular garden ornaments throughout the world and although some people might consider them unsightly garden statues, even being banned from the Royal Horticultural Society's famous Chelsea Flower Show hasn't deterred them from being used as garden art. Fortunately this year the show included garden gnomes decorated by celebrities such as Elton John so they have seen a great boost in popularity.

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